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  • Patio Zing. Transform your patio area to create a beautiful outdoor living space! You'd be surprised how much new brick or tile can add life to your back yard living space. Creative patterns and colors give you the versatility to personalize your surroundings, and we have lots of ideas! Starting at only $499
  • Curb Appeal. A fast, easy way to inexpensively add pop to your front yard! Get creative with a decorative mailbox by Concrete Doctors! They're tough, keep your mail and parcels intact, and we can custom design it with package cubbies, planters, or whatever you want! Starting at only $199.
  • Fantastic Footscape. There is no better way to welcome guests than a gorgeous stone walkway! Why settle for a boring grey sidewalk leading into your home? Let the Concrete Doctors get creative with a little landscaping, brick, stone or tile and transform your house into an estate! Starting at only $499!
  • Rock your Driveway. No more grass growing through cracks or crumbling corners! The Concrete Doctor specializes in raising, repairing and replacing worn out driveways. You'd be amazed at how a fresh new surface leading into your garage will rejuvenate the look of your home! Starting at only $899!
  • Brickscaping. Don't just add bushes and lawn gnomes, add the finishing touch with decorative brick! The Concrete Doctors will team up with your landscape artists and create beautiful frameworks for your flowers and greenery. Brick keeps lawnmowers and blowing grass out and mulch in! Starting at only $199.
  • We Fix It. It's as easy as 1-2-3 when you call us. Fast, cheap and beautiful! Weather, age, or a texting driver? Concrete Doctors will be there to make broken masonry look new again! We work with insurance companies and fix it right! Call today for a FREE Estimate!
  • A Step Up. Sometimes there is a fine line between brick work and sculpture! We pride ourselves in bringing a touch of art into our workmanship. Who says steps have to be square? Maybe we are grown men playing with stone legos, but look at the result! Call today for a FREE Estimate!
  • Craftsmanship. We take pride in our handiwork. There are no shortcuts when it comes to doing a job right. We guarantee our work. Call today for a FREE Estimate!

Concrete Doctors began in 2005 as a family owned business serving the Springfield community and surrounding areas. Concrete Doctors places an emphasis on customer satisfaction on all levels. We’re affordable. We’re fast. And we offer the finest craftsmanship in masonry anywhere.

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